In today’s cluttered and hectic world consumers crave simplicity and understated elegance. The long term trend – sustainability – creates an increasing pressure on luxury brand owners to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging. 

Due to the growth of e-commerce luxury brands have increased their digital presence which means that more rigid boxes are delivered directly to the consumer’s door. There the boxes can create a memorable impression through a ‘surprising’ unboxing experience. As significant as it is to create emotions towards the brand, it is also important to ensure that the box protects the content all the way to the consumer, and still conveys the brand message. 

Metsä Board Design Services recently designed a mono-material package to fulfill these requirements. The box has a rigid structure which uses E-flute corrugated board. It protects fragile products during the delivery and can  also be used as a retail package with a display feature.  The products inside can be lifted up with a ‘magic’ mechanism creating a memorable opening experience. It also has a tamper evident feature, so once the seal is opened, it cannot be closed again. Furthermore, the box is made of fresh renewable fibre. It can be recycled and it is compostable. The package is produced using pure white Metsä Board paperboards by Orapac in Finland.