The latest in aerosol and pump dispensing system components for a wide variety of food/beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, industrial and household applications will be featured by Action Technology, a Tekni-Plex company, at Expo Pack Guadalajara, Mexico, June 13-15, in Booth 3720.

Action Technology also will be exhibiting gaskets, extension/dip tubing, moulded components and plastic/rubber rolled goods for dispenser use. 

“It is becoming increasing important to be able to provide multinational companies with seamless supply of packaging components across the globe.  Regardless of what country their product is sold in, they want consumers to have the same experience by commercializing packages with exactly the same dispensing components,” said Steve Storter, commercial and technical manager, Action Technology.  “Partnering with a company that has a global manufacturing footprint is critical in achieving those goals.”

Action Technology supports those objectives via its five manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, Italy and China, as well as a contract manufacturing location in Argentina. 

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