ACMA, a Coesia Group company, will be participating in the Chicago trade fair to strengthen its position on the North American market, particularly in the Confectionery industry. The company will be exhibiting its CW 800 R horizontal packaging machine for spherical chocolates, a model that is already very popular with customers and equipped with a new-generation operator panel.

ACMA in North America: tradition, flexibility and innovation

ACMA draws on the power of a know-how unrivalled anywhere in the world, both specifically in the Confectionery industry – in which the company has almost a century of experience – and in packaging design for tea, soap bars and liquid detergents. The Italian company offers flexible, scalable solutions that can be adapted to a great variety of packaging needs for both liquid and solid products of different shapes, quantities and types. At the same time, the company works with customers right from the preliminary stages of a project, including the identification of the most suitable form of packaging for the customer’s specific target market. This customer-centric orientation has been reinforced in recent years to become one of the most important keys to the company’s business. This means making the technology behind its machinery simpler and more accessible, with a focus on sustainability and financial savings.

Increasingly customer-centric, starting with the interface

One significant step in this direction is the world premiere of ACMA’s new operator panel, which will be demonstrated on the CW 800 R exhibited in Chicago. Designed to simplify machine operation, the CW 800 R operator panel features advanced functions to enable simple, intuitive use such as machine diagnostics and the replacement of machine parts. This is a complementary application to the ARA – Advanced Remote Assistance – system that comes as standard on all ACMA units made since 2015 and enables quick, easy remote intervention by specialised staff.

The Coesia Group’s approach to innovation and industry 4.0 is further demonstrated by its implementation of services such as the “Coesia Web Shop”, making it quick and easy to order parts via a dedicated platform similar to the portals we all use to make personal online purchases every day. Behind this simple, practical interface lies a complex system that enables effective machine maintenance support over time.

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