With a focus on sustainability as well as functionality, Weener Plastic’s (WP) Innovation & Development team has developed a new recyclable dispensing valve.

While silicone valves provide excellent functionality in caps and closures, WP argues that the recyclability of these valves is generally compromised. It is the company’s view that, although several alternatives have been launched on the market, none have managed to replace the traditional silicone valve.

According to a press release issued by the company: “For example, floating silicone valves are not recyclable and prevent brand owners and private labels from claiming their products can be recycled 100%. Valves made of TPE are not 100% recyclable, or don’t offer the same performance as tried and tested options. For years, there has been an urgent need for a good alternative.”

WP’s new valve is made of a specially developed material that reportedly enables full recycling within polyolefin waste streams – regardless of the bottle material.

The solution offers dispensing of any quantity the consumer may require, and the dosing behaviour can also be adjusted, depending on preference. Meanwhile, the valve dimensions are exactly the same as those of WP’s familiar silicone valve: the new valve fits in all of WP’s existing MaxiDose valve closures.

WP’s product is compatible with a wide range of applications such as food, home care, and personal care – including oily or fatty formulations.

WP concludes: “This 100% recyclable valve is one of our green initiatives, and part of the circular economy programs we have created. Our Innovation & Development team converts sustainability challenges into new opportunities to stimulate circularity, so that we can enable customers and consumers to contribute to a more sustainable future.