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Event Overview


All actors in the value chain of the plastic packaging sector are working hard to meet the sustainability objectives of Horizon 2030 and 2050. These are key years in terms of policy on rigid and flexible plastic packaging with regard to recyclability and/or compostability.

As it stands today, only 12 per cent of materials used in the industry comes from recycled plastic, and it is responsible for 20 per cent of emissions in the EU. The European Commission’s Industrial Strategy included in the Green Deal indicates that companies must evolve in terms of circularity in order to reach zero emissions by Horizon 2050*.

For this reason, many companies are speeding up the process and are adopting strategies to reduce the volume of plastic they use. However, this has been shown to reduce efficiency and increase the volume of waste.

What is really needed is an eco-friendly design of multilayer packaging, to ensure it can be recycled and to create a profitable market for secondary raw materials.

In this webinar you will learn how SP GROUP ensures its rigid PET packaging as well as its flexible PE and PP solutions adapt to the different packaging machines used by food manufacturers, while guaranteeing equal efficiency and the optimal preservation of packaged products. The company will also explain the circularity strategies that allow it to incorporate as much recycled material as possible into its PET, as well as other possibilities for polyolefins using chemical recycling. Lastly, SP Group’s compostable solutions and other ways for incorporating bio-based polymers, principally PE, PP and PET, will be presented.

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Learning Objectives

  • European Strategy 2030 and Green Deal 2050 - How European policies will affect food packaging.
  • RPET trays with mechanical recycling. Up to 100% recycled content for food contact applications.
  • Monomaterial structures for recyclable flexible packaging. How and when to incorporate mechanical, chemical and/or bio-based polyolefins.
  • Compostable materials for SUP or high added value applications.

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Meet your Speakers and Host


María de Guía Blanco Ramos
R&D technician - SP Group – Plastienvase S.L.

Ms. María de Guía Blanco (F) has over 10 years of experience in national and international R&D projects in the field of active, sustainable and biodegradable packaging. She holds a Degree in Chemical Engineering at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona (Spain). And she has been R&D Project Engineer at SP GROUP since 2008.

Víctor Barrera
Sales Director - SP Group – Plastienvase S.L.

Mr. Víctor Barrera is the UK & Poland Sales Director, with more than 20 years in international sales and with expertise in different industries, he joined SP GROUP in 2014. He holds a BA/BA (Hons) Business Administration at the Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) and a Master´s Degree in Marketing & Communication Management at the UOC (Spain). He works very actively with R&D in the launch of innovative and sustainable packaging innovations for the European market.

Elisabeth Skoda (Host)
Editor - Packaging Europe

Coming from a background of translation and online news editing, Elisabeth has been with Packaging Europe since 2006, and in this time has developed a broad understanding of the packaging industry and an appreciation of the numerous innovations and developments that have come up over the years. As editor of Packaging Europe’s new magazine Touchpoints, she has a keen interest in packaging functionality and the consumer experience.