Ball also chalked up a victory in the category “Prototype”, where the US company won with its “Tactile” aluminium can. The prototype impressively shows the possibilities of a fascinating technology known as tactile or raised ink. With the special surface texture of the can, consumers enjoy a distinct and memorable product experience when grabbing hold of the can and forge an emotional tie to the brand. These tactile patterns and structures can be applied 360° around the can. There are almost no limits to creative imagination and design and marketing possibilities for all sorts of product or application. The snake motif is impressive with its characteristic reptile skin texture as well as its visually appealing colouring. It is also possible to create honeycomb structures or replicate the surfaces of citrus fruits. The panel of judges found this idea to be very promising: “Today’s consumers are looking for new ways to have innovative and interesting experiences with brands and the worlds they are associated with. And this can offers a dual sensory experience: wonderful graphics of the highest printing quality and a surprising and unique feel on touching the can.”

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