WK Thomas has launched the Topper-Pod, a new concept in food-to-go eating that will give retailers more flexibility and improved shelf presence with their takeaway offers.

The Topper-Pod is unique in offering two components that dovetail snugly together to form a product with the look and feel of one stylish, but ergonomic container. Topper-Pod is suitable for every type of foodservice business, from high-street deli to larger convenience-food outlet selling salads, desserts and snacks with toppings such as French dressing or croutons.

The stand-out quality is that the two components keep both food and accompanying topping completely separate. The main food container is topped with a re-closable lid that doubles as a smaller pot for toppings. Consumers simply remove the upper lid, peel open the container and pour the topping on to the main meal inside the larger container.

This exclusive product is ideal for serving soup with croutons, ice cream with marshmallows, porridge with granola or muesli with compote, and pushes style and versatility to new levels. Consumers can take their order to the serving counter and choose the topping of their choice, making this a truly tailored, personalised grab-and-go experience.

Made from clear rPET, Topper-Pod ticks the environmental box for recycling to give consumers more peace of mind and retailers another USP.

The shape maximises shelf space and the modern, minimalistic design guarantees excellent on-shelf merchandising. Its precise, thin-walled forms and outer tight-edge was designed by the WK Thomas in-house design studio. The art of design is closely associated with WK Thomas - one of the few UK distributors to invest in its own in-house design studio to hone functional and technological perfection.

This latest product from that team comes in two sizes and is ideal for almost every conceivable food that comes with a topping. This makes the Topper-Pod a perfect choice for retailers keen to expand their offering and cosmopolitan consumers with ever-more adventurous tastes.

Des Thurgood, Sales Director, WK Thomas, says: “Foodservice continues to be an exciting and dynamic market sector, with new grab-and-go outlets springing up on our streets by the day. Topper-Pod fits the bill perfectly for responding to this shift in what we eat and how we eat it – on the go. Our design has real on-shelf impact to make this impulse buy an absolute must. But there was nothing impulsive in the design.

"The Topper-Pod is a bespoke creation that fuses the best of WK Thomas design and technology with the demands and desires of today's time-poor consumers who nevertheless have an eye for good-looking but highly functional design. It has curve and tactility, coherence and simplicity, fun and excitement – kids will love our new Topper-Pod. It is simple but smart.”

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