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One of the consequences of this strategy has been a revitalisation of Surlyn® over the past five years. “We did our homework and identified the right market applications, in particular noticing how the specific properties of Surlyn® answered the growing emphasis on downgauging,” Bernard Rioux continues. “Surlyn® is back!”

“Surlyn® never went away and has always done well,” Chris McArdle adds. “However, growth in packaging slowed a bit as new applications emerged. The new emphasis on sustainability, downgauging and food waste have driven new growth – along with the surge in innovation in the cosmetics market.”

Surlyn® is used across so many market applications – its lightweighting ‘honeycomb’ property providing exterior stiffness in everything from packaging films to shoes to golf balls – that it could be viewed as the perfect symbol of DuPont’s habit of cross-fertilisation. Strolling out of the Technical Center in Meyrin (upon floors coated, inevitably enough, with Surlyn®), I reflect that there are a lot of similarities in the philosophies and the corporate cultures of DuPont in Meyrin and Dow in Horgen. As the merged businesses begin to explore the points of synergy we can expect to see a new level of cross-fertilisation.