Around 200 submissions from 12 countries have made the German Packaging Award 2017 a real show of innovative talent.

Now the independent jury made up of trade associations, companies, retail and research has awarded the best packaging solutions with this prestigious award. Those who have secured one of the coveted Gold Awards will be announced at the public winners’ gala on the 26 September in Berlin. The German Packaging Institute (dvi) invites all interested parties to this special industry event at this exclusive location. The dvi will showcase all the 34 winning innovations on the German Packaging Award website.

“We would like to thank all participants for their contribution to the German Packaging Award. With their continuous innovative work, they ensure that progress and new added value for users, consumers and the environment continue to thrive,” said Bettina Horenburg, dvi board member and person overall responsible for the German Packaging Award, commending the almost 200 participants. “The winning innovations show us in a very special way how well-founded, clever, creative and flexible our companies are in tackling and mastering the topic of innovation.”

A variety of solutionsThe winners include innovations from all sectors and material areas of the packaging industry. These include primary packaging as a device for patients or tools for home improvement, technological innovations for additional surface communication and strong brand management, newly developed systems for labelling, shaping or auger dosing, novel micro-embossing, probably the world’s first illuminated packaging with printed, flexible organic diodes (OLEDs), fibre packaging from unused regional agricultural waste, protection against product piracy, Save Food innovations, innovative mechanisms for handling, convenience and emptying, and much more.

The whole value chain“The variety of innovations is also reflected in the materials used,” says Bettina Horenburg. There are winners in aluminium, glass, plastic, material combinations, paper-cardboard-carton and corrugated cardboard. Prizes were awarded to solutions in all ten award categories: Functionality and convenience (5), Designing and processing (7), Product presentation (3), Economic efficiency (3), Sustainability (3), Security (1), Logistics and material flow (1), New material (2), Machine engineering, technology, software (4). In addition to established industry, five awards went to the next generation in a separate category called Young Talent. 

Gold Awards and the award ceremonyThe innovations will be presented and celebrated at the public winners’ gala on the 26 September 2017 in the Humboldt-Box in front of the Berlin City Palace. “Not only will we be presenting the winning innovations and awarding the trophies, seals and certificates to the winners, we will also be announcing who will win one of the coveted Gold Awards,” Bettina Horenburg explains. The Gold Award is for solutions that in the eyes of the jury merit special recognition, because they push trends forward in a unique way, find important answers or act as a pioneer in an entirely new way. 

Presentation of Dieter Berndt AwardThe dvi will be presenting the winners of the Gold Award during a stage-talk with special guests from the industry. In addition, a very special event will be featured at the winners’ gala this year. In the run-up to the award ceremony, the dvi will be honouring Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp, Managing Partner of HiPP-Werke, with the Dieter Berndt Award. “Outstanding personalities from the industry, special guests, an exclusive location and the best innovations promise a good and entertaining day,” says Bettina Horenburg who is looking forward to the event. The dvi invites you to reserve one of the free, but limited, places in good time on the German Packaging Award website.

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