In a special laudatory speech, Dirk Teegelbekkers, Managing Director of premium partner PEFC Germany, highlighted the achievements and progress, especially in the area of sustainability. “At PEFC, we made the conscious decision to offer a special award for the Sustainability competition category for the first time this year. Sustainability is our core competence and embedded in our DNA. That is why we want to consciously promote innovations in this area, irrespective of the material and area of application, because with the multitude of products and areas of application that we see all around us, we cannot limit ourselves to a single material for packaging. We are delighted by the many great solutions and improvements across all material segments.”

Katja Feeß, Senior Manager Public Relations of premium partner FACHPACK, pointed out the remarkable achievements of the young talent, for whom there is traditionally a separate category at the Packaging Award – and, for the first time this year, a special award too, sponsored by FACHPACK. “We had some really exciting, practical and highly creative submissions from students. Three particularly successful solutions richly deserved their German Packaging Award 2020. At FACHPACK, we are close to the pulse of the packaging industry. We point the way for the European packaging industry and its customers. That is why promoting young talent is one of our particular interests. After all, these clever and creative minds are the future inspiration of the industry.”

The submission phase for the German Packaging Award 2021 begins on 1 February, 2021.

Like the German Packaging Awards, Packaging Europe's Sustainability Awards and Sustainable Packaging Summit are also going digital this year - find out more here!