Polish packaging company Supravis Group SA has recently introduced a material for use on flow pack machines, SUPRALAM, which it says will enable users to combine a modern aesthetic, innovative structure and strong visual appeal.

According to Supravis, the technical capabilities of this solution enables the user to manufacture multilayer laminates with “very good strength parameters, gloss, haze and, most importantly, perfect sealing parameters – excellent hot-tack responsible for the quality and speed of sealing on flow pack machines.” All of this, it says, is achieved with a significant reduction in laminate thickness, even down to 42μm.

The company says the main benefits of this new solution include:

  1. Reduction in material thickness of approx. 35% - from 65μm to 42μm;
  • more running metres on a roll – fewer changes during production,
  • lower costs of transport and storage,
  • lower amount of kilograms of material per 1 m2 of packaging ending up in the environment.
  1. Perfect sealing parameters – hot tack;
  • higher efficiency of packing machines by approx. 30%, even up to 100 t/min during dry sausage production,
  • lower parameters (temperatures) of sealing,
  • lower energy consumption by approx. 20 %,
  • slower degradation/wear of heating elements of machine.
  1. Innovative structure – appropriate composition and proportions of components applied during production allow it to achieve very high barrier properties, enabling the storage of some products even for up to 100 days at room temperature.   

“The above-mentioned benefits of SUPRALAM contribute significantly to lower production costs of unit packaging, leading to higher product profitability.”

In addition to technical capabilities, the aesthetics of a package are obviously very important too. “Responding to the expectations of our customers, also in the field of innovative print technology, we have prepared a number of solutions to make the product more attractive and with the use of modern design,” says the company. “Using Super Silver paints and matt varnishes with a touch effect, we are able to achieve even the most complicated prints, which improve the aesthetic value of the final product.”

New trends and standards in the production of flexible packaging have forced manufacturers to invest in technologies which improve functionality and design.

Supravis highlights the use of laser technology as a case in point: “The most popular is ‘easy open’ cut, enabling consumers to easily open the packaging. In the case of the barrier laminates segment, it is important to maintain high barrier properties, thus only the outside layer is cut, ensuring that packaging retains its properties. Laser equipment is also able to perform micro perforation, macro perforation and perforation in any shape. Thanks to such use of lasers, we improve gas exchange through the packaging material. In addition, it is possible to engrave simple shapes, which have a decorative function and protect against counterfeiting. All operations performed on laser equipment can be synchronised with earlier print, thus old packaging can get a new use and refreshed look.

“The main task of all solutions applied in laminates production described above is to market modern packaging with innovative structure, improving functionality and providing innovative visual effect.”