A carton board with the best visual appearance in the market? That is the upgraded EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso presented at interpack 2017.

Ensocoat now comes with even better whiteness and shade to meet the most stringent demands of luxury brands and the graphical industry.Luxury packaging typically comes with sophisticated finishing treatments such as embossing, foil stamping and metallization, which require perfect smoothness, whiteness and folding properties from the substrate. Stora Enso has developed Ensocoat based on customers' insights, optimizing the board's whiteness and brightness to provide a pleasing aesthetic experience.

Ensocoat belongs to the category of SBS (solid bleached sulphate) board, which is the highest quality category in carton board. It is made entirely from renewable virgin fibre in a production process powered by bioenergy, which makes the product a sustainable choice. Ensocoat is used for packaging consumer products such as cosmetics, perfumes, champagne, spirits and chocolate. It is also used in high-end graphical applications such as stationery, covers, cards and calendars.

At Interpack, paper artists, films and samples will showcase the upgraded Ensocoat's print results using different techniques. The slogan of the campaign is Commit to Luxury, which is also visible on the website and on Instagram #committoluxury. See how fashion designer Bea Szenfeld makes Ensocoat move and how Jule Waibel makes the most of the foldability of the board. For architect Charles Young, precision is everything, and photographer Paperboyo gives us a totally new angle on the world with the help of Ensocoat.

Stora Enso at Interpack 2017: stand 9B20