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Rockwell Automation is dedicated to industrial automation and information and makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable.

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    Monitoring risk and threat detection solutions

    2023-05-22T11:01:00Sponsored by

    Stefan Turi, Sales Executive for Network and Security Services at Rockwell Automation, puts forward the company’s cybersecurity measures to protect manufacturers from ‘ransomware’ attacks that can compromise finances and security.

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    What does the digital transformation mean to packaging manufacturing?

    2023-05-18T13:55:00Sponsored by

    Digitalisation is a valuable transition for a range of industries, according to Rockwell Automation, and packaging is no exception. Roger Gaemperle, head of industry strategy and marketing EMEA consumer segment, details the benefits of digitalised production lines, from optimising efficiency with remote commissioning to generating sustainability-minded packaging designs with AI algorithms.

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    Accelerate the deployment of innovation with digital twins

    2023-05-12T09:15:00Sponsored by

    Oliver Vogel, team leader and solutions consultant with a special focus on digital engineering and process automation with Rockwell Automation, says the use of digital twins by Pearson Packaging Systems perfectly illustrates the potential of the technology to generate real business benefits. He tells us more about its possibilities in the future of the automation industry.

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    Meet sustainability goals with smart connected energy management

    2023-05-11T09:21:00Sponsored by

    When the entire production line is tied together via the digital thread, companies can contextualise their operations, understand the biggest contributors to their energy footprints, and reduce them – an effort that Rockwell Automation can facilitate. Uwe Kueppers, manager of Kalypso, runs us through the perks of smart connected energy management.

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    The digital thread ties data into an interconnected lifecycle model

    2023-05-10T10:17:00Sponsored by

    Now that digitalisation is on the rise, technologies like edge, IoT, and augmented reality are breaking the traditional automation pyramid down into a collaborative network known as the interconnected lifecycle model. Uwe Kueppers, manager at Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation company, tells us more about what this means and the benefits it brings for manufacturers.

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    Next generation of motion control

    2023-05-08T09:49:00Sponsored by

    With the rapid advancement of technology, next generation motion control is poised to revolutionise the packaging industry – from improved manufacturing processes to more advanced and flexible packaging systems. Rosa Piazzolla, EMEA product manager of mechatronics, and Ulrich Arlt, EMEA business manager motion control at Rockwell Automation, talk us through its potential.

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    Reduce time to market with virtual commissioning

    2023-05-07T09:11:00Sponsored by

    Organizations are embracing digital transformation and disrupting business models with new value propositions. For example, Emulate3D dynamic digital twin software can help manufacturers simulate and emulate a production cell, complete production system, or manufacturing line before you even lay the first circuit board. Nicola Iovine, Strategic Business Developer EMEA, Digital Design and SaaS at Rockwell Automation, goes into detail about these benefits.

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    The role of predictive maintenance in improving reliability

    2023-05-06T09:26:00Sponsored by

    ‘Preventive’ maintenance aims to stop breakdowns from occurring through adherence to a pre-ordained timetable in which fixed maintenance routines will be implemented at regular times. Andreu Cuartiella, Lifecycle Services Commercial Manager, EMEA at Rockwell Automation, tells us more.

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    Equipping future workforce with AR

    2023-05-05T10:50:00Sponsored by

    For learning and development programs to be effective and successful, they need to meet the users where they are. As programs equip employees with the knowledge and tools to be successful in their roles, it’s no surprise that the industrial sector is utilizing augmented reality (AR).