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Compared with the other concepts, the vertical rotating wheel solved the issue of precisely positioning the products on the stainless-steel trays due to the close proximity of the extrusion wheel to the line, and therefore releasing the ice cream product gently onto the steel trays of the line.

After the vertical rotating wheel concept and prototype was proven, the next step was to design and build the equipment suitable for continuous daily production. This included additional requirements for production equipment addressing hygiene and cleanability, operator safety and user-friendliness. One particularly important addition was the integrated washing system for easy cleaning: a quick-change system inspired by pit stop techniques in Formula 1 racing, which enables changing the wheel and other product-dependent sizing parts in less than three minutes.

As the market for premium-quality stick ice cream products rapidly expands, addressing the limitations of extrusion-line technology offers ice cream producers a competitive advantage. Achieving such an advantage requires thorough research and testing by expert teams – as evidenced by our journey to create our latest extrusion wheel. At Tetra Pak, we relish the challenge of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our customers, helping them to succeed in a category that is as dynamic and exciting as ever.

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