RB has launched its newly-designed Air Wick Freshmatic automatic spray, with a total shipping weight that is now 28.9% lighter.

RB partnered with product design and development consultancy DCA to transform the device, redesigning its shape with softer curves (resulting in a reported 17.2% reduction in plastic) and including a blossoming effect with an integrated spray hole.

DCA was also able to reduce the number of batteries required from two to one, following in-depth customer research.

Design agency Marks worked with RB to bring the new design to life through packaging. Taking the theme "continuous freshness" to capture the new fragrance and odour-neutralising technology, Marks aimed to distil the pre-existing visual iterations into a simple, easy to understand design, while letting the new device take centre stage through an enlarged pack window.

Global design strategy director of RB, Jos Harrison, says: “Our redesign is the result of listening to customers and designing something that they truly want. It’s also the perfect example of our agencies working together across every touchpoint to deliver a really exciting new variant.”

RB’s Freshmatic marketer David Bermejo added: “Understanding our customers' desires for the redesign was essential. The device has always delivered in terms of fragrance over a long period, but the new design allows the product to take centre-stage in the home environment, something to be proudly displayed, not hidden away.

“Reducing the amount of plastic is also hugely positive and part of our ambition to make the device more responsible. This has also reduced the total shipping weight by 28.9%, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and the consumption of fossil fuels for shipping.”

Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray will launch across Europe this summer and in the USA in the second half of the year.