ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, opens interpack with its ProActive Sustainability Portfolio featuring two new products: ProActive Recyclable® R-2050 and ProActive Post Industrial Recycled Content (PIR). Also, ProAmpac will showcase its RAP product solutions that meet the 90/10 ratio of fibre to film target which allows for OPRL labelling as Recyclable.

ProAmpac continues to build on its patent-pending high-performance mono-material ProActive Recyclable® R Series with ProActive Recyclable R-2050. The newest member of the ProActive Sustainability family, R-2050, is available in reel stock and pre-made pouches, with standard and high-barrier options.

In addition, ProAmpac will have ProActive PIR on display. Containing 30% polyethylene-based PIR, ProActive PIR reel stock film meets UK Plastic Packaging Tax guidelines for tax exemption and is OPRL compliant for front-of-store drop-off. All virgin material and film used to produce ProActive PIR film are EU food contact grade materials, which comply with Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and have also undergone additional NIAS testing.

Finally, ProAmpac will show its RAP Packaging solutions including Sandwich Packs, HandRaps, SoftPacks and Trays. The modern format keeps food fresh and offers an elevated appearance in either a hot cabinet or a chiller. Also, by weight, the largest component of ProAmpac’s food-to-go packaging is paperboard and paper sourced from well-managed forests, which is widely recyclable in fibre streams. ProAmpac’s food-to-go packaging solutions are 2023 OPRL 90/10 compliant.

Visit ProAmpac in Hall 10 D1 to learn how ProAmpac can help meet your sustainable packaging goals.