At its two stands at interpack 2023, one dedicated to Life Science and the other to Food & Beverage, Antares Vision Group launched Diamind. Its latest technological development connects physical products with digital values and integrates line, factory, warehouse, company and supply chain levels, establishing a customizable and data-driven path towards digital innovation.

Besides guaranteeing the quality of the product (systems and inspection equipment) and end-to-end traceability (from raw materials to production, from distribution to consumer, and vice-versa), it allows for the integrated management of data, applying artificial intelligence integrable with blockchain, it claims.

Integration to simplify complexity and guarantee a single point of reference, efficient management of projects, and a centralized support service are all features of Diamind. Connecting product integrity and quality, from raw materials to production processes, with a digital identity and with traceability along the entire supply chain, Antares has developed an integrated cycle of safety, efficiency, and sustainability to construct ‘ Trustparency’, a value that combines transparency and trust, it believes.

Intelligence, or the means to gather primary data (directly from sources) at every level, becomes a strategic asset for transforming valuable information and developing the next generation of data-driven business intelligence powered by artificial intelligence, says Antares.

Diamind allows for a customized process thanks to a single hub of technologies and an integrated ecosystem of solutions that simplifies updates and makes future developments more efficient, meeting real needs on-demand, according to the company.

The concept operates at every level through a number of suites:

Line: inspection systems and machines for packaging and production lines, for quality control of products, packaging, containers and labelling. Machines and systems for traceability, for the generation and management of digital identity through serialization and aggregation on production lines.

Factory: the software suite that manages the entire production site. Monitoring and optimization of process; improvement in production efficiency and quality; improvement of production efficiency and quality; improvement in factory planning and maintenance; sustainability.

Warehouse: the software suite that manages the movement of goods, including the acceptance, shipment and monitoring of materials, products and stocks in the warehouse, it uses traceability and serialization information. Enterprise: the software suite for the management of legal compliance at corporate level, including management of the tracking and tracing of products and resources, both serialized and non-serialized.

Supply Chain: the software suite that permits the display and management of the supply chain end-to-end, from raw materials to commercial partners, as far as the final user.

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