Milan is getting ready to host the third edition of Packaging Première, the exhibition dedicated to luxury packaging, taking place from May 28th to May 30th in the new larger spaces of the renowned exhibition centre of Fieramilanocity. 

Packaging Première is the only event in Italy dedicated to the packaging industry and is considered an efficient marketplace for designers, manufacturers and international brands discerning packaging as a pivotal communication element, especially for high quality products. 

Ruled by strong brand personalities, luxury packaging develops original expressive forms, thanks to an efficient supply chain, designed to pursue excellence, from raw materials to final products. Packaging Première offers previews, ideas, innovations and helps to understand trends and market situation.

The event, launched in 2017, aims to increase the number of international exhibitors and visitors. 

“Every year we notice a growing interest in the exhibition from international companies. In 2017 international exhibitors represented 25%, we wish to boost this percentage to 40-50% long term, thus proving the global allure of the event” underlines Pier Paolo Ponchia, organizer of Packaging Première. 

“This upcoming edition confirms an increased number of exhibitors compared to the last edition, as well as an enlarged itinerary, without losing quality, our key value”. 

Among the Italian and international exhibitors showing for the first time at Packaging Première are niche sectors, such as fabrics, upholstery, primary plastic or glass packaging and components can also be found, creating a perfect balance among the different industries. 


Art and design will play a leading role within Packaging Première: design represents an essential element, a source of inspiration for new products and materials. The Art Gallery, which during the last edition was dedicated to paper, this year will emphasise artists that use various materials such as wood, plastic and glass to create artistic elements. Akey issue will be the metamorphosis of the material generally used for packaging that, through an artisanal process, can become a work of art. 

Lorenzo Petrantoni, the renowned artist creating illustrations through the assembly work of antique dictionaries from the nineteen century, has been appointed image consultant. 

The exhibition will be enriched by conferences dedicated to exhibitors who will be able to illustrate their successful case histories, as well as to research, thanks to a survey conducted by Smithers Pira.

Packaging Première – Shaping LuxuryFieramilanocity Pad. 4

May 28th – 30th 2019