Meanwhile, alongside smart technology and improved functionality old-fashioned sensory impact is still driving innovation in closures. The new format for Nescafé Gold coffee is a nice example of a brand using the cap for emotional impact.

"Nestlé wanted to create a package for its Nescafé Gold coffee to present a premium image in line with market trends for coffee products,” Mr Henckes explains in conclusion. “The company was aiming for a classy brushed metal look. This required a 100 per cent metallic material to be wrapped around the skirt of a closure, something that had never been done before. The closure consists of three pieces: an 'inner' (inside piece), a 'liner' (a foam gasket ensuring isolation of the coffee from the exterior) and an 'outer' (outside piece) that includes an IML. Each piece is made from a specific material: the inner is made with a different type of polypropylene, the liner is in polyethylene foam with an aluminium seal, and the outer is made with special PP. The in-mould labelling included in this outer is multi-layer. The base is PP in order to stick to the cap and includes aluminium to attain the metallic appearance."