Yangi Cellera

Yangi has announced its partnership with industrial market solution company GDM to scale up delivery of Cellera, its machine technology platform for cellulose dry fibre formed packaging at the company’s production facility in Varberg, Sweden.

Yangi claims it offers a complete solution to packaging producers and brands with its Cellera machine platform and customized packages of services, including consulting services for packaging designs and material on subscription. As part of Coesia - a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies headquartered in Bologna, Italy - GDM can apparently leverage a global presence, enabling faster scaling and valuable networking opportunities.

“GDM’s expertise is crucial in ensuring the successful integration and widespread adoption of Yangi’s fibre-based technology. Together, these complementary contributions create a synergy that will revolutionise the industry,” says Hanna Rüdel, chief commercial officer of Yangi.

“From designing new production processes to devising innovative ideas to handle greener raw materials, we are committed to always delivering avant-garde solutions. Joining forces with Yangi just came naturally: our partnership is set to positively impact the packaging industry, from a technological and environmental perspective,” states Luca Aiolfi, chief executive officer of GDM.

Yangi states the partnership represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable packaging solutions. By combining their strengths, both companies hope to make a lasting impact on the global landscape, offering innovative and scalable solutions for a more sustainable future.

Back in 2022, Yangi entered a long-term agreement with Holmen Iggesund to produce biobased and renewable materials for the beauty and cosmetics industry, aiming to replace rigid plastics in packaging such as refills, inserts and testers.

Last year, SustainaPac and PulPac endeavoured to bring the latter’s Dry Molded Fiber food service to North America, producing single-use food service packaging products such as trays, bowls and hinged containers for the quick service restaurant (QSR) market.

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