Videojet 05.07.24

The new Videojet 9560 automated labelling system prints and applies labels to outer cases, boxes and shrink wrap, and is said to feature increased processing speeds and expanded connectivity options.

The company states the system features patented Videojet Intelligent Motion technology for automatic and precise control of the entire system while targeting zero unscheduled downtime on production lines. It aims to improve operating performance with a direct drive that controls label speed and position without clutches, rollers or adjustments. 

An electronic supply reel automatically adjusts and maintains label tension irrespective of speed and label size from the start to the end of a reel. A web path enables label and ribbon changes in ‘less than 60 seconds’. 

Videojet claims users switching to the new 9560 system will have no need to rebuild job files or retrain. Compared to the previous 9550, the new 9560 is engineered with increased programmable input/output (I/O) options for integration with more data protocols, including Ethernet/IP and PROFINET. 

The 9560 has an 8-inch user interface for operators to use for job selection and system control, with built-in Code Assurance features designed to help get the right label on the right case. Operators can also view videos for guidance through routine maintenance tasks.  

The company adds that the interface can be located up to 10 meters away from the machine, in an effort to ease integration and enhance usability. In addition, a web server gives access to the user interface via other devices on the same network. 

The system is also said to have embedded Wi-Fi connectivity for secure remote access to manufacturers’ internal networks. Apparently, files can be sent to the labelling system without requiring a USB drive, and both Videojet experts and in-house technicians can gain access to the VideojetConnect Remote Service, where available, for troubleshooting and real-time information on the system’s status. 

Also included in the Videojet 9560, Direct Apply is an on-demand labelling method that allows accurate placement of the label onto the package. The system works by simultaneously printing and applying labels onto the top or side of a passing pack without the need for a tamp or air blast applicator, reportedly achieving speeds up to 150 packs per minute for typical 4” x 6” GS1 barcode labels. As such, the 9560 is said to maintain throughput even when packs accumulate. 

In March, Videojet revealed its 9560 PL pallet labelling system, aiming to streamline operations and reduce errors. The system can apparently cover up to three sides of a pallet, apply up to four labels, and process up to 120 pallets per hour across various applications. 

In similar news, Domino Printing Sciences launched its new Mx-Series print and apply labelling machines in January, designed to automate traceability coding and enhance visibility across the supply chain. Printers in the Mx-Series range are set to accommodate variety between individual production lines, and Domino states that each has been designed and manufactured to European standards. 

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