Trinseo and GMP Group have announced their plans to build a plant that will produce recycled food-contact polystyrene material.

Trinseo and GMP’s collaboration aims at providing a framework for cooperation, on an exclusive basis, on the construction and operation by GMP of an advanced pretreatment or regeneration plant with a minimum 25kt capacity in the Netherlands.

The plant will purify PS waste and deliver high-quality recycled PS pellets via the “Super Clean” recycling process. The anticipated startup date of the plant in the Netherlands is 2024. There is also an intended execution of a long-term tolling and off-taking agreement.

“The Trinseo–GMP collaboration is yet another important move toward helping our customers reach their sustainability goals and closing the loop for a circular economy, and both companies realize that the most successful way to do this is through synergy along the value chain,” said Nicolas Joly, Trinseo’s senior vice president for plastics and feedstocks.

Gerard Putman, general director of GMP Group, adds: “This partnership is an essential step forward in our strategies contributing to a healthier world and increased sustainability. Every day, we look for circular business innovations like valuing plastic waste by recycling it into new resources. Together with Trinseo, we can now develop, build, and operate a state-of-the-art recycling plant in Europe.

“This will increase the reuse of a substantial volume of polystyrene in consumer food packaging. Furthermore, we can provide other sustainability solutions and improve circularity in various value chains.”