Rockwell Automation is collaborating with Paboco to develop an automatised machine platform expected to grow and scale production of Paboco’s paper-based range at its production facility near Copenhagen.

Paboco aims to achieve a new scalable manufacturing platform for its paper bottles to coincide with increasing consumer interest in the format, as well as the company’s concerns about supply chain bottlenecks, worker shortages, and economic uncertainty throughout the industry.

If it is successful, the companies say that the machinery will provide an optimal automation process with enough flexibility, standardisation and replicability to be supported in factories worldwide, allowing for local production over long, environmentally damaging supply chains. Reliability of supply is also a driving factor in taking production overseas.

The companies hope that the new process will be competitively low in cost, energy efficient, and will account for contingencies in its bottling process – for instance, keeping its raw paper supply dry to prevent damage to the material and maintain high quality across Paboco’s products.

Paboco’s paper bottle is a finalist under the ‘Renewable Materials’ category of our 2022 Sustainability Awards.

Rockwell Automation’s CTO, Mike Loughran, spoke to us in a discussion about Industry 5.0 earlier this year, telling us about the role of digital twins in development speed, testing machinery, and enabling remote working for company employees.