SIXPACK 17.04.24

Following the new reusable packaging regulations set out in the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations (PPWR), Carrefour Belgium, Cornet Beer and DW Reusables have developed a returnable six-pack for beer.

Launched with the support of VLAIO and Living Lab, the pack is ‘fully brandable’ and can be returned via TOMRA’s reverse vending machines. The six-bottle packs are stored on retailer shelves and said to offer the same shopping convenience as single-use packs, including optimized shelf space, easy replenishment and reduced product handling. 

DW Reusables will apparently produce the packaging from 100% post-consumer plastic waste. The packs reportedly reduce the risk of pre-opened, unsellable units or damaged goods, with the crates cleaned after each use at socio-economic company MIVAS. At end of life, the crates are collected to be reground and turned into new crates. 

The project will be presented today at the World Circular Economy Forum in Brussels, with the first returnable packaging with a deposit available in Carrefour stores starting this autumn.

In similar news, last year German retail chain REWE trialled selling pasta, rice, cereal, and other foods in reusable and returnable containers using Miwa Technologies waste-reducing dispenser modules, aiming to cut down on unnecessary packaging and food waste. Miwa’s retail chain solution is expected to save almost 2,000 pieces of disposable packaging per container during its life cycle. 

More recently, as part of our Packaging Europe podcast, we spoke to CLUBZERO founder and CEO Safia Qureshi about returnable packaging systems.  

This month, Uber Eats and DeliverZero extended their partnership to offer takeaway food in reusable, returnable packaging in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other areas on the West Coast of the United States. Reusable packaging pilots are also running in France, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK, among other countries.

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