Reelables 29.02.24

Reelables has announced the launch of its new active Bluetooth 4”x 8” shipping label, apparently enabling logistics providers, cargo forwarders, manufacturers, and retailers to trace cargo through the supply chain without extra software integration.

The company says it first launched its Bluetooth label in 2019, and it was reported to be the only print to activate Bluetooth labels on the market. The labels track when cargo arrives and departs from a facility, what exact cargo is on a truck, and when individual pieces of a consignment or shipment split from each other.

Now Reelables has launched a 4” x 8” active Bluetooth shipping label, which means that cargo forwarders can print their regular shipping label and it is automatically integrated with Bluetooth tracking. The tracking reference is extracted and linked to the physical label via the Cloud.

The company states that cargo forwarders can now print smart trackable shipping labels to go on every piece of cargo instead of printing standard shipping labels throughout the day, all without making any change to their workflow, and the cargo can be traced through the supply chain without the need to match shipments to tracking devices.

“We are excited to officially launch this new version of our Bluetooth label which has consolidated the shipping label and tracking device into one standard 4” x 8” label that goes directly onto cargo,” said Brian Krejcarek, CEO and co-founder of Reelables. “Our customers get real-time visibility at a piece level throughout the supply chain and now it is all part of a standard shipping label.

“There is no change to the customers’ workflow; instead, when they print shipping labels they are now Bluetooth-enabled and instantly trackable.”

In January, Reelables also launched a printable 5G label solution, designed to connect to a cellular network, generate accurate product data and track products across the supply chain. The solution is said to be ideal for manufacturers and retailers shipping high-value, time-critical products, and those with no control over the infrastructure further along their supply chain.

In addition, e-commerce platform Adrich was a finalist in our Sustainability Awards last year with its refillable smart label packaging solution, which reportedly captures real-time consumer usage data, product subscription models and analyzses quantitative product usage.

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