Reckitt power brand Vanish is launching Vanish Multipower Tabs with minimalist packaging and a brand experience designed specifically for online shoppers.

The Vanish Multipower Tabs have been developed as a compressed powder version of the brand’s main product, apparently to allow for minimal packaging. The SIOC (shipped in own container) format removes the need for an outer pack for online fulfilment, reducing packaging.

The new release signals a shift for Vanish, towards fully embracing e-commerce and attempting to develop the brand’s appeal among a younger, more time-strapped audience.

Nick Horan, global brand experience lead at Vanish, says: “By the time the packaging has landed on people’s doorstep, they have already engaged with the product online and made the first decision of purchasing it, so are already familiar with the brand. This allows for the exterior branding to be subtle, with the more intricate design elements revealed when the box is opened.

“Vanish is an ally in people’s desire to make their clothes last longer, we want to ‘empower them with the benefits of Vanish’ (removes stains, prevents colour transfer, removes odours and hygienically cleans). It was important for that to shine through in the design execution.”

That tone of voice aims to come through in the solution’s touchpoints and visual elements, such as illustration and typography. The exterior of the pack showcases the distinctive Vanish pink, while the interior reveals full colour and a selection of messaging and illustrations with the aim of engaging the user and clearly conveying how to use the tabs.

Other design details include some discovery elements – for example, the use of single colours for a series of icons that demonstrate the types of clothes the Multipower Tabs can be used for. These are gradually revealed as the Multipower Tabs are used one-by-one.

The packaging design also includes a QR code which seeks to enable and encourage people to engage further with the brand. Reckitt hopes that this will offer access to enhanced advice, relevant content and dialogue with the brand.

Horan continues: “We want to look at the full journey. We want people to share and receive further advice – and we aim to listen and respond to them, and then scale up relevant content. This is what makes e-commerce projects so interesting – the clever use of more touchpoints to tailor the right experience for every need along the journey.”

The Vanish Multipower Tabs release is a sign of things to come for the brand. Vanish has been pushing to move into the e-commerce space for some years. With the pandemic expediting the investment in those channels, the current launch is an important step towards e-commerce readiness – and an eventual e-commerce-first approach.