Aldi is trialling a paper band for its bananas in a move estimated to remove 234 tonnes of plastic packaging from its operations every year.

The company’s midi bananas, Nature’s Pick five-pack, Organic six-pack, and other selected banana lines will replace their conventional plastic bags with a paper band.

If the trial is successful, it is anticipated to cut around 234 tonnes of plastic packaging every year.

“At Aldi, we know how important reducing plastic is to our customers, colleagues and the future of the planet,” said Luke Emery, Plastics and Packaging director at Aldi. “We are constantly reviewing ways we can do this, and our latest trial on bananas is another great step on that journey.”

Other plastic reduction efforts from Aldi include a transition into 100% rPET for all its own-brand soft drink and water bottles – expected to save 10,000 tonnes of virgin plastic yearly – and home-recyclable, paper-based wrap packaging for its own-brand butter lines, which is expected to remove over 10 tonnes of non-recyclable paper packaging every year.

Meanwhile, Tesco is trialling a recyclable cardboard container and etching product information directly onto its avocado products in an effort to save up to 25 million plastic trays and almost a million stickers.

Sainsbury’s is also implementing kerbside recyclable cardboard trays for its own-brand chicken and fish lines. Aiming to save 694 tonnes of plastic annually, the new packaging features an on-pack logo designed to help consumers identify products sold in reduced plastic packaging.

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