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Novelis claims to have achieved the highest percentage of recycled content in the aluminium flat rolled products industry, announcing that recycled aluminium constituted an average of 61% of its total inputs in the fiscal year ending 31st March 2023.

Apparently, Novelis recycled around 2.3 million tons of aluminium last year, including 82 billion used beverage cans. Circularity-minded innovations and partnerships are credited as factors driving a growth in these figures, with Novelis investing almost $2 billion into completed and announced investments since 2011.

As recycling aluminium is up to 95% less energy intensive and emits 95% less carbon than producing primary aluminium, according to the company, it hopes to implement as much recycled aluminium as possible into its products, lower emissions across its value chain, and set an industrial precedent.

Similarly, a report from the Energy Transitions Commission previously suggested that low carbon steel projects could triple within the next three years, thus meeting industry emission reduction targets and enabling 190 million tonnes per annum of ‘green’ production by 2030 with appropriate financial investments.

Furthermore, Hydro has apparently produced the ‘world’s first’ successful batch of aluminium using carbon-free hydrogen as an energy source; and, hoping to use industrial-scale green hydrogen in aluminium recycling and more, Plug Power is installing five-megawatt electrolysers into Ardagh Glass Limmared AB, Hydro Havrand, and the APEX Group’s respective plants.

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