Geek Bar, a Chinese supplier of vaping products, has launched a range of new packaging to help combat counterfeit and non-compliant items. The new packaging places greater emphasis on an ‘on-pack’ security code. Retailers can check the authenticity of products by verifying the security code online.

The new security feature is a 14-digit serial number incorporated in a QR code, updating an earlier system based on a 12-number code hidden behind a scratch-off panel. The packs also now include a hologram and include a new top-integrated seal, which will allow consumers to open the Geek Bar using a tear brace. The company has also replaced the certification and environmental protection information to emphasise the recyclable nature of the product.

In addition, it has published a list of approved UK distributors and has worked with the authorities in China to close 12 counterfeit factories in recent months. Over 100,000 vapes, destined for the UK market, have been seized.

Retailers and distributors can also report suspected counterfeit and non-compliant products at and the company is incentivising retailers to report counterfeits or products that do not comply with UK regulations.

It is also suggesting distributors and retailers look out for low-quality printing, always indicative of a fake product. Another sign is if the hologram includes lettering or images of poor quality and if, by shining a light on it, the lettering or images appear diagonally in relation to the light source, rather than in line with it.

Allen Yang, CEO at Geek Bar, said: “As a leading brand of disposable vapes in the UK, it is very important to us that we are putting measures in place to ensure non-compliant and counterfeit vapes do not harm our customers.

”We hope that our new packaging will make it easier for people to check the veracity of the products and alert us to any unregulated sales.

“Our message to distributors and retailers who allow this to happen is that it has to stop now.”