Mondi 26.06.24

Mondi has announced the Spanish launch of SolmixBag, which disintegrates and dissolves during the cement mixing process, in collaboration with Cemex. 

SolmixBag is a one-ply paper bag made from 100% kraft paper, designed to store and transport dry cement, screed and coarse pre-mixes. Apparently designed to disintegrate during the mixing process, it aims to eliminate dust and waste on the building site. The bag is also said to be resistant to punctures and dissolves when it comes into contact with water in the cement mixer.

SolmixBag runs on existing filling machines. The companies state that it provides the same strength and shelf-life as conventional paper bags in a range of sizes and is easy to carry and store.

Cemex and Mondi began the SolmixBag collaboration in 2021. Cemex was looking for a sustainable cement bag to meet legal requirements on the Spanish islands regarding landfilling and incineration of waste, and to meet its sustainability goals. The two companies joined to find a solution, reportedly achieving ‘zero waste’ with the introduction of SolmixBag, complying with the extended producer responsibility (EPR) for the packaging.

Fabio Barbieri, sales director of Paper Bags at Mondi says: “The product launch brings to life our MAP2030 goals by reducing waste so effectively and illustrates our collaborative approach. Working with a well-known and trusted supplier further endorses our product standards from a partner with recognised, genuine additional industry expertise.”

Earlier this month, Mondi revealed it had combined fresh and recycled fibres in two new containerboard paper grades in an effort to balance environmental responsibility with strength, cost efficiency and printability. The papers are said to be made entirely from responsibly sourced raw materials and recyclable at end-of-life. 

The company also collaborated with Meurer to replace plastic shrink film with a secondary kraft paper packaging solution, which is thought to be recyclable and compliant with both existing machinery and EU legislation. The uncoated material is reportedly made with 100% kraft paper from renewable resources and can be recycled in existing European paper recycling streams. 

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