Mondi 03.07.24

Mondi has launched the latest addition to its portfolio of pre-made plastic bags: FlexiBag Reinforced, a range of recyclable, mono-PE-based packaging solutions with improved mechanical properties.

The company states the FlexiBag Reinforced range is recyclable where collection facilities and recycling systems for PE films are in place. The bags have been created in-house by Mondi through its integrated value chain, which apparently means the solutions can be tailored to customers’ needs more cost-effectively. 

Mondi says improved mechanical properties make the bag superior to previous versions, such as better puncture resistance, stiffness and sealability. Adjustable barrier protection aims to provide medium to high barriers against fat, oxygen and moisture while keeping the content fresh – the company suggests targeting the pet food industry with this feature. 

mera, a family-owned German pet food producer has introduced Mondi’s FlexiBag Reinforced containing 35% PCR content for its 10kg packs of vegan dry dog food. 

Mondi also hopes to meet future regulative requirements through a customized percentage of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content that can be added based on mass-balance, aiming to significantly reduce the use of virgin plastics and promote material efficiency by keeping materials in circulation. 

Dirk Gabriel, COO of Consumer Flexibles at Mondi, says: “Mondi recognizes the increasing emphasis on PCR materials driven by future regulative requirements and as a market leader in sustainable pet food packaging, we are taking every effort to secure sufficient upstream supply of PCR material for our customers. With FlexiBag Reinforced, we are able to offer a solution that comes close to the material costs of conventional multi-material laminates for certain structures and at the same time offers recyclable packaging that gives our customers a competitive advantage in the market.” 

Mondi recently collaborated with Cemex for the Spanish launch of SolmixBag, a one-ply paper bag which disintegrates and dissolves during the cement mixing process. Made from 100% kraft paper, the product is designed to store and transport dry cement, screed and coarse pre-mixes. 

In April, Siegwerk announced it had applied its CIRKIT functional coatings to a mono-PE bag developed alongside Windmöller & Hölscher and B&B, aiming for a high-barrier, fully recyclable packaging solution for dry pet food. It is said to offer the same packaging performance as complex multi-material alternatives, while also claiming to offer full recyclability. 

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