TNA has reportedly achieved a 400% production capacity increase at Mister Bee Potato Chips’ manufacturing site with the integration of new mixed reality technology and the robag 3ci vertical form-fill-seal machine.

As a result of the collaboration, the site was redesigned to implement new technologies such as Microsoft’s Hololens – a shift aiming for optimal efficiency and productivity. TNA also implemented its robag 3ci vertical form-fill-seal packaging system, which is thought to reach speeds of up to 150 bags per minute (bpm) thanks to its rotary double jaw and patented stripper tube closer.

TNA’s patented auto connect and unload assist technology is also intended to streamline operations by reducing manpower and enabling seamless changeovers – thus improving overall equipment effectiveness.

The transition has apparently increased Mister Bee’s capacity and helped the company meet demand while maintaining product quality. Mister Bee has also invested in additional TNA machinery, such as a new fryer, in a bid to continually improve growth and innovation.

“Previous machinery could only run 20-25 bpm, whereas now with my new TNA machines, I can run 100-115 bpm,” commented Mary Anne Ketelsen, president of Mister Bee. “A very big upgrade.”

The partnership is expected to facilitate a long-term partnership between the companies.

In another recent collaboration, TNA provided a high-speed packaging system for its long-term partner Burts Snacks with its sights set on maximum throughput and flexibility for its crisps packaging process.

Ishida Europe’s INSPIRA Box Motion vertical form-fill-seal bagmaker also seeks to increase flexibility and lower operational costs for snacks manufacturers.

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