Paxiom has installed a new turnkey bulk nut vacuum packaging system to weigh, fill, and vacuum pack peanuts into 20-40lbs corrugated cases for robotic palletizing and shipment.

Aiming to increase efficiency and simplify the peanut packaging process, the all-in-one solution allows one company to supply and service the whole packaging and palletizing process. This includes the EndFlex T-series automatic case erector to form RSC corrugated cases and EZ Tape automatic case sealer to close the pack.

Furthermore, WeighPack Systems provides the high-precision net weigh filling system with a vibratory triple pan configuration and a bulk and dribble system. This is set to make sure that the packaging is filled accurately and consistently.

For gas flushing and vacuum sealing, WeighPack’s VerTek 2400 bagger vertical form fill and seal machine is at the centre of the system. Its purpose is to preserve the freshness and quality of the peanuts, thus extending their shelf life.

Additionally, the system comes with an EndFlex Z Zag robotic palletizing cell. Offering all-in-one capabilities, it automatically places pallets, slip sheets, and cases – a feature expected to lower labour costs and increase productivity.

The system utilizes roll stock film instead of pre-made bags in a bid to cut down on storage space, shipping costs, and packaging waste.

A video is available to view the system in action.

Back in summer 2023, TNA sought to enhance Burts Snacks’ throughput and flexibility with its own machinery – this time a high-speed seasoning and packaging system for its crisps products.

This was followed by SEE (formerly Sealed Air) revealing the CRYOVAC Brand 308A CE Vertical Form-Fill-Seal System, an automated packaging system for liquids. It can pack various types of hot or cold liquids, including those with particles or solids, and operates at a speed of 28 packs per minute.

More recently, Volpak and Watttron have formed a strategic partnership to integrate intelligent digital sealing technology into horizontal pouching machinery.

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