Talon International, which invented the first zipper in 1893 and today offers solutions in tags, labelling and printed marketing, has launched a new anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement technology.

StegVision functions as an easy-to-use app that helps businesses and consumers combat counterfeit products across all industries and create engagement with their consumers.

The solution combines AI, machine learning, computer vision, and steganography - the practice of concealing a message within another message or a physical object. StegVision encodes invisible unique labels or markings for brands and products.

Algorithms are placed within the label design that only StegVision’s app can see. By giving each brand or product its own unique invisible markings, it aims to prevent fake products and counterfeit items from entering the market.

Larry Dyne, CEO of Talon, comments, “Counterfeit products and difficulties with product authentication cause many businesses unmanageable losses, while customers need to have confidence in the retailer they’re buying from.

“Should they discover a brand selling counterfeit products their perception of that company can change drastically and affect their purchase. With StegVision, consumers can buy with certainty, and brands can protect their products.”

The solution is easy to implement and roll out explains Talon. Brand’s existing anti-counterfeiting solutions require no changes; nor do existing artwork, logos, or designs. There’s no need for invasive tags, QR codes or expensive printing methods and production processes can stay as they are, it says.

StegVision opens a new marketing communications channel, giving brands direct access to engaged consumers. The moment of authentication is a crucial step in the purchasing decision. Empowering brands to interact with consumers instantly will be game-changing for conversions, Talon believes.

While it has become much easier to produce and distribute counterfeit products due, in part to the rise in internet shopping and international shipping, StegVision gives brands control over their distribution network and provides a direct connection to retailers and customers, according to the company.

Having consulted some of the biggest names across multiple industries, Talon discovered prevalent counterfeiting issues and reviewed the problems with existing anti-counterfeit solutions. As a result, it created this new SaaS platform and app.

Consumers can now use the StegVision technology within their favourite brand’s app and begin scanning products to check for authenticity. Seamless API integration allows businesses to introduce the solution to their existing systems.

Unlike other anti-counterfeiting apps, StegVision sees its technology as being revolutionary for all industries, particularly those facing a battle against counterfeiting, including fashion, wine, toys, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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