INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe has announced that its range of recycled polymer grades, Recycl-IN, will be used by Coveris for a new stretch-hood packaging film, which will reportedly contain a minimum of 30% recycled material.

INEOS O&P’s new Recycl-IN polymer grade is part of its portfolio of products comprising of post-consumer recyclates, as part of the company’s bid to explore ways to replace virgin polymers with PCR materials.

After collaborating with the technical team at Coveris in Winsford, Cheshire, Recyc-IN will be used in the company’s new stretch-hood packaging film with the intention of including a minimum of 30% recycled material. The stretch-hood film has undergone a series of tests and trials at INEOS’ manufacturing facility in Grangemouth, Scotland, which focuses on the distribution of INEOS’ palletised polymer resin.

The trials have reportedly demonstrated that the product integrity and quality are maintained, with the new recycled stretch-hood covering for pallets performing to the same standards as a previous solution made from 100% virgin material, according to the companies.

Graham MacLennan, polymer business manager at INEOS, says: “This is a significant breakthrough.

“Palletised distribution of goods is increasing and a stretch-hood covering helps prevent waste, damage and loss to products transported in this way.

“By substituting virgin polymer content with recycled polymers, we are actively working towards our targets to adopt a more circular approach, signalling our clear commitment to using more recycled plastic as a raw material. Our new product, developed in close partnership with Coveris, is a clear demonstration of this.”

Mike Richardson, technical director at Coveris Winsford, adds: “Our collaboration with INEOS has enabled us to develop a new stretch hooding product with 30% PCR content, without increasing gauge or compromising on performance.

“Supporting our vision of NO WASTE and the wider industry sustainability goals, the new solution offsets the need for virgin plastics whilst maintaining full recyclability, as well as being fully compliant with UK plastics packaging tax.

“This will allow our customers the benefits of palletised transportation using plastic tertiary packaging without compromising their sustainability and circular economy goals.”

The UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax is due to be implemented in April 2022 and will require businesses to pay a tax at a rate of £200 per metric tonne of plastic for packaging that contains less than 30% chemically or mechanically recycled plastic.

Earlier this year, INEOS O&P partnered with NEXTLOOP on a two-year project with the goal of building a demonstration plant in the UK to produce 10,000 tonnes of food-grade recycled polypropylene a year.