IMA 21.06.24

IMA Life has teamed up with MIRAI Intex and ACT to produce KryoAir, an air-based refrigeration system for freeze dryers, hoping to improve efficiency and ensure consistent cooling output.

Designed and manufactured by IMA Life, the KryoAir system apparently avoids the use of high-GWP gases and ensures consistent cooling output across varying temperatures for freeze-drying applications. The air cycle technology is powered by a turbo-compressor-expander, developed and supplied by MIRAI Intex and augmented by the Cold Thermal Energy Storage (CTES) system from ACT.  

CTES aims to utilize phase-transitioning compounds to maximize capacity per unit of volume. The system aims to enhance efficiency and enable the turbo-compressor-expander technology to support intensive and discontinuous energy applications, like freeze dryers. 

IMA Life states that pairing CTES with the MIRAI Cold refrigeration machine means KryoAir can achieve extreme low temperatures while maintaining a compact and reliable design. 

The system has a single-stage, oil-free turbo compressor-expander which is said to require minimal maintenance. It can be fitted to IMA’s LYOMAX and LYOFAST freeze dryers. 

In similar news, Groenlandia Tech and Inokor in Spain partnered to create a temperature-controlled cooler designed to transport products or samples in the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors, with real-time sample tracking and total access control. Access control is provided via a RFID locking system, and only the initial user and the final recipient can access the contents in the cooler. 

Hydropac recently revealed its new ice pack sealing technology to enhance the cold chain logistics of pet food by improving insulation, increasing leak resistance, and keeping temperature-sensitive products cooler for longer. The technology seals all four sides of the ice pack with two layers of material, which the company claims maximizes insulation and prevents temperature fluctuations during transportation. 

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