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Graphic Packaging has added to its range of multipack packaging with EnviroClip, a minimal material, paperboard alternative to plastic rings and shrink film for beverage cans – a more scaled-back solution to complement the company’s existing KeelClip range.

According to Graphic Packaging, EnviroClip is made from a single ply of paperboard, produced using renewable fibre from sustainably managed forests. No adhesives or plastic laminations are used in its construction.

The company explains that EnviroClip employs equipment with a small footprint that can run at a range of speeds, from manual applications to high-speed automation. According to the company, its high-speed equipment features a proprietary custom overhead clipping system, which delivers consistent application of the EnviroClip ring to the cans and helps to ensure pack quality and performance.

The solution is available for both 12-oz (330ml) and 16-oz (500ml) standard cans in four- and six-pack configurations. In addition, it can apparently be used alongside KeelClip for customers who want to employ different pack formats depending on production qualities or because they have a multi-tiered product strategy.

Graphic Packaging adds that the cans remain easy to detach at the point of consumption, while the pack design also features finger holes to ensure comfortable carrying. The solution also offers space to print brand or sustainability messages on the topper.

Ricardo de Genova, SVP of global innovation and new business at Graphic Packaging, comments: “EnviroClip enables beverage companies to significantly increase sustainability by replacing plastic packaging for can multipacks with a recyclable and renewable solution.

“Its launch complements our KeelClip beverage can multipack solution and means we are now able to meet customer requirements across a full spectrum of different sized operations.”

Steve Gould, director of business development – global beverage & multi-packs at Graphic Packaging, comments: “Since its introduction, KeelClip has gained international recognition for its sustainability performance and the important role it is continuing to play in reducing plastic usage and hard-to-recycle plastic waste.

“EnviroClip builds on the same expertise and innovation, providing an expanded portfolio that makes it possible to meet our customers’ different needs.”

Coca-Cola HBC previously invested €15 million in KeelClip, with the intention of all European Union markets featuring the solution for its beverage cans by early 2022. The KeelClip solution offers full coverage across the top of the cans and is aimed at higher speed and volume packaging lines than EnviroClip, which now expands the accessibility of the company’s paperboard topper portfolio.