Finalists Announced 2024

As its first round of judging comes to a close, the international, expert jury of the world’s most prestigious sustainable packaging competition brings you the finalists of the Sustainability Awards 2024!

This year, the “Nobel Prize” for sustainable packaging innovations spans eleven categories. Start-ups, global brands, academic organizations, and OEMs from all over the world have submitted their innovations and initiatives to the jury.

Fifty finalists have been chosen for the final round – encompassing design-for-recycling and replacements for conventional plastic packaging; recycling technologies and reuse systems; research projects, coalitions, and facilities; machinery, smart packaging, and artificial intelligence solutions, to name a few.

Each brings something valuable to the table and sets a high bar for the quality of this year’s cohort. Nevertheless, only one winner in each category will receive a sought-after crystal trophy at the end of the Sustainable Packaging Summit in Amsterdam, taking place on 12th – 13th November 2024. Click here to book your tickets.

You’ve waited long enough – here are the finalists of the Sustainability Awards 2024.

Main competition (for commercialized innovations and broader initiatives):

SusAwa Commercialized Climate

Climate category

  • NextGen Furnace (Ardagh Glass Packaging)
  • CO2-reduced tinplate (thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH)
  • Replacing plastic inner bag with barrier paper (UPM Specialty Papers, Lantmännen Unibake Finland, Adara Pakkaus)
  • B0 ESTAMPE eco-designed wine bottle (O-I EUROPE)

SusAwa Driving the Circular Economy Commercialized

Driving the Circular Economy category

  • EnEWA research project – recycling paper, board, and paper composites from lightweight packaging waste (ANTS (RWTH Aachen), IPEM (University Siegen), LEIPA Group, PROPAKMA, STADLER Anlagenbau, TOMRA Recycling)
  • Capsa 2in1 reusable cardboard box (Capsa Packaging)
  • Heinz EasySauce Dispenser (Kraft Heinz)
  • Circular rPET film made of 80% trays from household waste stream (Henkel AG & Co. KGaA)
  • ReCover Louth deinking facility (Coveris)

SusAwa Renewable Materials Commercialized

Renewable Materials category

  • Paptic wood fibre-based material (Paptic Ltd)
  • Reelables 5G Smart Label (Reelables)
  • MFL decorated wet fibre moulded tub for plant-based spreads (Upfield B.V.)
  • Vivomer Home Compostable Tubby (Shellworks)

SusAwa Recyclable Packaging Commercialized

Recyclable Packaging category

  • AeroFlexx liquid packaging solution (AeroFlexx)
  • Omnilock Ultra PAPER (Huhtamaki)
  • KandyKote HR wrapper – Halls (SealGlobal.Co)
  • Flexible paper packaging for automatic dishwashing tablets (Henkel AG & Co. KGaA)
  • GreenLabel BlockOut recyclable, light-blocking shrink sleeve (Brook + Whittle)

SusAwa E-Commerce Commercialized

E-Commerce category

  • Ranpak FillPak Trident Mini void fill solution (Ranpak)
  • Eco-Paper Cushioning Bag (BOTTA EcoPackaging Srl)
  • DS Smith Tape Back for peeling tape (DS Smith)
  • Paper-padded envelope for e-commerce deliveries (Amazon, Mondi)

SusAwa Machinery Commercialized

Machinery category

  • RecycleOS AI solution (EverestLabs)
  • Cajo MakeBright marking technology (Cajo Technologies)
  • Amazon Automated Packaging Machines (Amazon)
  • NextGen (Chocal Packaging Solutions GmbH)
  • FlexForm Trayformer Series (WestRock, Company)

SusAwa Best Practice

Best Practice category

  • Red rHDPE – Colour-to-Colour Recycling for Rorax Pipe Unblocker Power Granulat bottles (ALPLA Group, Werner & Mertz GmbH)
  • Refill Coalition (Aldi)
  • RecycleMich (RecycleMe GmbH, Reclay Systems GmbH, SynoptiCons GmbH)
  • GemCorp Recycling (Gemini Corporation NV)
  • Prevented Ocean Plastic infrastructure builds (Bantam Materials UK Ltd)

Pre-Commercialized section of the competition:

SusAwa Climate Pre-Commercialized

Climate (Pre-Commercialized) category

  • AB InBev Supercan aluminium beverage can (AB InBev nv)
  • PulpaTronics RFID tags (PulpaTronics)
  • Interpac Ltd cold corrugator (Interpac Ltd)

The fourth finalist in this category is being temporarily withheld in line with an IP-related request by the entrant.

SusAwa Driving the Circular Economy Pre-Commercialized

Driving the Circular Economy (Pre-Commercialized) category

  • Lasso Loop Recycling – Compact Recycling Machines (Lasso Loop Recycling)
  • Moree – Reusable Smart Packaging System (Moree)
  • Jarbot Reusable Packaging System (Orora Packaging Solutions)
  • Neptune Nanotechnologies additive made from fishing waste (Neptune Nanotechnologies)
  • Husky’s PET closure designed for circularity (Husky Technologies)

SusAwa Renewable Materials Pre-Commercialized

Renewable Materials (Pre-Commercialized) category

  • Organic battery (BeFC) based on Avery Dennison materials (Avery Dennison, Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells (BeFC))
  • Wheat straw packaging (COPAR Smart Packaging)
  • IntegoBag filmless bag (Mondi Group)
  • PHA-enhanced BO films for home compostable packaging (Taghleef Industries and Corapack)

SusAwa Recyclable Packaging Pre-Commercialized

Recyclable Packaging (Pre-Commercialized) category

  • Ecotwist Minimal Multipack Packaging (John West Foods)
  • SprayPET Revolution polymer aerosol (Plastipak)
  • CrispSeal water-based crisp packaging (SealGlobal.Co)
  • Papira by Stora Enso (Stora Enso Biomaterials Innovation)
  • Cirkla’s pulp-based packaging with peel-off lamination (Cirkla Inc)

About the Sustainability Awards

Packaging Europe organizes the Sustainability Awards – the most prestigious and influential competition for sustainability in packaging – to shine a light on the ideas and developments that will make a tangible difference to sustainability in the packaging space. From R&D projects to packaging design to up-and-coming technologies, the competition intends to bring new developments together, fast-track best practice, and make positive changes for the environment.

The competition is free to enter and open to manufacturers, start-ups, global brands, academic institutions, and more. A diverse, international jury of experts will pick a candidate from each of the eleven categories, with no involvement from the organizers. Our winners will be announced at the Sustainable Packaging Summit in Amsterdam (12th – 13th November 2024).

We consider every attendee an active participant in pursuit of a more sustainable future for packaging. To learn more and get your hands on tickets, click here.

This year, Packaging Europe is hosting the Summit in partnership with FINAT. If you are a FINAT member, you are eligible to receive an exclusive 30% discount on your ticket; more details are available here.

For those who can’t make it (or for attendees wanting to revisit any discussions held at the Summit), digital recordings will be made available to Packaging Europe members after the event. Click here to become a member today.

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