BW Flexible Systems

BW Flexible Systems will introduce its new flow-wrapping machine for baked goods, the Hayssen R300, to its portfolio at PACK EXPO East, held from March 18th to 20th in Philadelphia, USA.

The company states the Hayssen hand-fed flow wrapper provides a user-friendly experience for operators, with features such as automated adjustments to maximize uptime. The machine is designed for flow wrapping baked goods like single cookies, brownies, croissants and small pies.

“The Hayssen R300 was designed with first-time machine owners and operators in mind,” said BW Flexible Systems’ product line leader Brantley Turner. “It provides a more user-friendly experience compared to other hand-fed flow wrappers with features that make this machine easy to learn, set up and use by any operator.”

Its new design aims to increase ease of use, minimize chances of setup error and improve ergonomics for operators. With operator turnover rates on the rise, its human-machine interface (HMI) allows new operators to learn the system and onboard faster.

The company adds it also has an ultra-low roll height, which increases operator accessibility. To maximize uptime, the Hayssen R300 provides features to automatically eliminate jaw jams. It has clear guards and an open design to provide better visibility into the long seam unit for troubleshooting.

It also has an additional control panel at the operator’s point of use and large LED lights to indicate the machine’s status at a distance. Reportedly, it offers hygienic design features that make it easy to clean; the infeed incorporates an openchannel stainless steel design and sloped pans underneath that can be wiped down or rinsed.

The adjustable folding box can suit a wide range of SKUs to accommodate future line expansion or changes. PACK EXPO East attendees will be able to view the range of Hayssen flow wrappers including the Hayssen R300, and the company’s machine design, application and vertical form-fill-seal members will be present.

Last year we spoke to IMA Ilapak, finalist in our Sustainability Awards 2023, about its Delta OF-360 X wrapper, which it claims can run any packaging films from paper-based films to complex laminates and recyclable mono-polymer films, with changeovers effected by pressing a button on the machine’s HMI. The company added that the machine is built on IMA ILAPAK’s full-electric flow wrapping platform, which uses on average 37% less power than a conventional flow wrapper.

We also heard from Syntegon about its paper-ON-form retrofit kit, for cold-sealable paper packaging on existing horizontal flow wrapping machines. It said the paper-ON-form forming shoulder enables customers to run paper material on its new and existing horizontal form-fill-and-seal wrappers, giving them the opportunity to switch from conventional plastic film to a more sustainable solution.

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