Aptar Beauty 23.05.24

Aptar Beauty has announced its latest dropper packaging, NeoDropper, designed to improve application precision and consumer experience in response to the development of more demanding concentrated formulas.

The dropper is said to offer enhanced formula protection and a more controlled application. When the bulb is pressed, the formula rises in the dip tube and fills the applicator. The dose is ready to be dispensed with a new press of the bulb. 

Apparently, the upper and lower collars are fully customizable to meet brands’ personalization needs – anodizing colours, double anodization, brushed effect, silk-screening, lacquering and branding on metal. The bulb can also be customized by colour, finish, and metallization. 

NeoDropper can be paired with current dropper bottles in the market. The bottle selected for the launch is Oslo II from Heinz Glas. The company claims the dropper is compatible with glass recycling streams, subject to local capabilities. 

The applicator does not come into direct contact with the formula in the bottle, which prevents retro-contamination by bacteria. Aptar Beauty says laboratory tests confirm NeoDropper’s effectiveness in safeguarding the product’s integrity. In addition, a unique system prevents the product from spilling, even if the bottle is overturned. 

To meet the requirement of precision dosing in skincare, NeoDropper is apparently designed to deliver the right dose with a squeeze of the bulb. Its short applicator prevents the overflow of the formula and ensures better control when applying the dose. 

The company states that a consumer study (the NeoDropper Classic At-Home Usage Test in February 2024) was conducted by Aptar among 17 female serum users of a well-known beauty brand; it sought to test the usage of the NeoDropper Classic verses traditional dropper packaging. The key findings included improved dosage due to the new short applicator, which was perceived as easier to handle and aiding in using the correct amount of product; and better hygiene and formula protection due to the sealed bottle design. 

Reportedly, after using the product daily for two weeks, 15 respondents declared that they preferred NeoDropper over their current packaging and would be willing to pay €5-15 more for it. Subject to conclusive lab testing, the company hopes to expand the range of formulas compatible with NeoDropper, including foundations. 

Earlier this year, Aptar Closures announced a new e-commerce-capable locking disc top closure which it says is fully recyclable when paired with a PE or PET bottle. Designed with e-commerce in mind, Future Disc Top incorporates a locking/unlocking ring that ensures it remains secure during transit and minimizes potential breakage or leaks. 

APC Packaging launched its EAPP EcoReady All Plastic Airless Pump in the same month, made from plastic and engineered with airless technology, aiming for a more eco-friendly dispensing solution. The company provides packaging solutions for the beauty and personal care industry and hopes to contribute to a more “environmentally conscious” solution by using durable plastic materials and eliminating the traditional metal spring.

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