Labelexpo Europe 2023 was filled to the brim with innovations in the label industry, from sustainability-minded labelling materials to smart technology and automation. Packaging Europe attended the event and stopped at Leonhard Kurz and TSC Printronix Auto ID’s booths to learn more about their respective breakthroughs in printing capabilities and technologies.


Monday 11th September

Nicolas Dubel-Jam – TSC Printronix Auto ID’s sales manager for France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Algeria and Morocco – demonstrated the company’s range of desktop, mobile, and industrial printers. This included the Print Engine for automation, TSC Printronix’s Online Data Validation solution, and RFID printers like the T800, T4000, T6000, and Alpha-40L.


Tuesday 12th September

Leonhard Kurz’s Responsible Product manager for Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Stephanie Bischoff, ran us through the Thermal Transfer (R)Evolution. Its key features are communication through barcodes, QR codes, and matrix codes for seamless tracking across the supply chain; printing with bright colours, holographic effects, and metallization to catch the eyes of consumers; and using thermal transfer printing to integrate a hidden security feature into customers’ barcodes as an anti-counterfeit measure.

Global director for Digital Embellishment Solutions Michael Aumann also celebrated the first time all three of the company’s primary technologies – 3D inkjet-on-substrate technology, 2D inkjet solution for the back of transfer foil, and transfer-on-toner technology developed in collaboration with Xeikon – have been showcased at a single event.