The new ultra-thin high-barrier film BarrierTop X 35 offers cost reduction and enhanced sustainability – combining extreme thinness with tear resistance and excellent machinability.

Schur Flexibles expands printing competence with the acquisition of Uni Packaging, a technology leader and expert for digital printing for flexible packaging in Europe. This trendsetting printing technology will complete Schur Flexibles’ technological portfolio in the future and will provide numerous customer segments with additional attractive application options for small order quantities and rapid design changes.

Packaging ensures that products receive the necessary protection. In many sectors, e.g. for certain foods or pharmaceuticals, packaging is essential. As a supplier of flexible packaging solutions, the Schur Flexibles Group assumes responsibility for the environment by making products and processes as environmentally friendly as possible. The Group is investing in the development of new packaging solutions that offer maximum product protection and consistently high functionality and at the same time minimise negative environmental impact. These solutions are characterised by significant material reductions as for example in the case of the new ultra-thin BarrierTop X 35, the use of alternative and renewable resources or completely and easily recyclable products.

BarrierTop X 35 – the latest high-barrier film from Schur Flexibles Group

At only 35µ thickness, BarrierTop X 35 is currently the thinnest film with reverse print available on the market and provides unrivalled material savings and high all-round performance. Moreover, its exceptional transparency enables perfect point-of-sale presentation, making it ideal for high-barrier applications such as chilled foods, cooked meats, sausages, cheese, fish and dry foods.

Secure packaging, attractive appearance

BarrierTop X 35 has an excellent oxygen and aroma barrier and comes with optional anti-fog properties. Despite minimum film thickness, it guarantees product safety due to its high mechanical strength. The ultra-thin film has a PE sealing layer which ensures outstanding sealing quality. It seals reliably on all CAP/MAP applications as well as on preformed trays and can be used for vertical and horizontal flow wrap applications. The highly transparent material is printable in all printing technologies (roto, flexo, offset and digital) in up to 10 colours with reverse or surface options. It can be further enhanced by using high quality tactile print effects such as matt, gloss and paper touch. This is ideal for highlighting product qualities, giving them a competitive edge at the point-of-sale.

Improved efficiency and sustainability for the entire packaging process

The ultra-thin BarrierTop X 35 is extremely cost-effective. It leads to less packaging waste, and to a reduction in reel changes during the packaging process due to an increased number of linear metres per reel. In addition, it enables higher packing rates through optimised sealing media. Thus, BarrierTop X 35 improves efficiency and sustainability during the packaging process without compromising product safety. This results in added value for both manufacturer and consumer all the way down the line.

Optimised printing competence – small print runs and tactile lacquers

From gravure printing to flexo, offset and state of the art digital printing, small or large batch sizes, special solutions with tactile lacquers, efficient printing of flowpacks, shrink films, mono or multilayer materials - Schur Flexibles offers the full range of film printing and refinement solutions. From prepress and in-house printing plate production to high-quality gravure and flexo-print, all services are bundled under one roof. State-of-the-art equipment and continuous investment at the various printing sites are the foundation for this. Schur Flexibles coordinates the resources of all European production sites, thus offering maximum flexibility, fast response and reliable delivery. The small print volumes available with ‘Schur Flexibles Offset’ and the Digiflex digital print capability enables the Group to work with customers to minimize and reduce costly material write-offs and allow for more cost-efficient product launches.

Tactile Lacquers

The wide range of tactile lacquers from Schur Flexibles, going from mat and glossy to a coarse sand touch, is the icing on the cake of any product POS performance. Customers have the option to upgrade their products and use the power of touch to create a multi-sensory and unique packaging experience for their customers. With the right haptic effect products will not only communicate with consumers – they will engage them. Products will become not only attractive but an experience!