Graphene nanotubes are a specific form of graphene possessing a number of exciting properties and advanced characteristics, that compare favourably with most other nanomaterials. There is a great deal of interest within the packaging industry, where the strength and anti-conductive properties of nanotube coatings offer potential downgauging and anti-static applications, as OCSiAl’s Christoph Siara described to Packaging Europe earlier this year.

On October 31 in Shanghai the Nanoaugmented Materials Industry Summit (NAUM) 2018 will gather world-leading companies that use and apply graphene nanotubes to share their results and perspectives. This year the event is opening its doors to all like-minded innovators and industry pioneers to learn about recent progress in this field. They will also be able to see a first-time-ever on-site demonstration of the production of nanoaugmented products with real industrial equipment.

The NAUM Summit is one of the largest annual meetings in the materials industry. It is focused on developing a new generation of nanoaugmented materials and end-products, whose previously unobtainable properties have changed the performance of most known materials once and for all, driving a paradigm shift across a swathe of industries.

Hundreds of executives, researchers, analysts and journalists from all over the world will gather in Shanghai on October 31. This year is the first time that the event has been open to the public. During the industrial portion of the Summit, participants are also welcome to visit a specially constructed pavilion that will contain demonstrations of the real industrial manufacturing production chain for nanoaugmented products with graphene nanotubes.


More than 30 distinguished speakers will discuss the potential of graphene nanotubes for a variety of industries. At the event Fraunhofer IPA will present a large number of ongoing projects fuelled by high-strength graphene nanotubes. Meanwhile, Shanghai BYK Additives and Japanese Nagase ChemteX Corporation will share their insights on the high durability of transparent conductive coatings with graphene nanotubes. European LanXESS Deutschland will discuss their unique line of nanotube-formulated products that significantly boost the performance of elastomer materials, while Elkem Silicone will focus on a combination of conductivity, mechanical improvement and colour flexibility in silicones.

Alongside these speakers, experts from world’s leading analytical agencies will report on the big picture of the competitive landscape of carbon nanomaterials and potential markets for graphene nanotube applications.

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