At interpack 2023, representing innovation in the field of fragile products made by MBP, we will find the MBP 12C4, designed to minimize impact and therefore eliminate the risk of product breakage during weighing phases.

The strength of the 12C4 mula-head weigher’s design concept is to reduce the product’s falling height as much as possible and thus the impact against rigid surfaces.

The multi-head weigher is characterized by 12 weighing buckets fed directly from the vibrating channels, excluding the pre-dosing buckets. Furthermore, the central vibrating plate, used for distributing the product on the radial channels, has a flat horizontal shape: a feature that improves the product’s distribution on the channels and minimizes the product’s falling height coming from the loading system, which is only 80 mm.

The product’s impact in the buckets is also reduced to a minimum thanks to the degree of inclination of the bucket walls, which favor gentle sliding on the underlying conveyor belts.

The falling height from the pans to the belts is only a few centimeters, as is the distance between the belts and the discharge point, which is only 40 mm.

All maintenance and cleaning operations of the multi-head weigher are made very easy: the 4 main belts rotate 90° downwards, and the carpets are easily removable. The MBP 12C4 is perfectly integrable with an inclined vertical packaging form fill and seal machine, specific for fragile products, or it can feed an output conveyor belt that, in turn, can feed different types of packaging machines.

The MBP 12C4 reaches 40 discharges per minute with an average weight precision of +/- 1.5g.