United Caps showcased a range of innovative closures at the fair with an impressive range of closures. Notably, the Progrip, a  a super lightweight monopiece screw closure for flat water, engineered from organoleptic resin. Its bore seal ensures highly reliable reseal of PET one-way bottles with a 29/25 neck finish, and its moulded tamper-evident band assures the integrity of the product, indicating first opening by drop down. The unique design of the 72 knurls and the optimised ergonomic shape enables improved grip for the consumer while standard dimensions allow dual sourcing. Also on show, the Wattwiller Flower Cap stands out on the shelf . Wattwiller bottled water is targeted at an older demographic; the cap features a patented petal-flower design that is not only eye-catching but allows end users to open bottles with very little effort.