Serving as an alternative to bubble wrap and other protective void fill solutions, Kite Packaging has expanded its range of air cushion systems.

The range now comprises three unique systems allowing customers to purchase a system specifically suited to their own size and volume requirements. In addition to producing protective air cushions on-demand with a range of filler and wrapper cushions, each of the films is also 100% recyclable. All the Kite air cushion systems can be fully integrated into pack bench systems to maximise efficiency. 

The films are supplied flat on a roll in lengths 280m to 900m, a feature which the company says enables users to save space, in comparison to bubble wrap, void fill and other bulkier alternatives. Each option of film available is suitable for a range of different uses - filler cushions are suitable for cushioning and void fill, wrapper tube is suitable for corner protection, blocking and bracing, layering and void fill and wrapper quilt is suitable for wrapping, layering, and interleaving.

According to the company, its Mini Air Easi is a low price, high-quality entry-level system, suitable for operations sending under 100 parcels per machine per day, the Mini Air Classic is suitable for operations sending between 100 – 400 parcels per machine per day and the Mini Air Pro is suitable for operations sending over 400 parcels per machine per day. The machines also can be fully integrated, depending on the layout of the operations and the number of packing benches requiring a machine.