The second day of interpack kicked off with a meeting with Holger Preibisch, general secretary of the Deutscher Kaffeeverband (German Coffee Association). Mr Preibisch described - over a cup of coffee natürlich - an industry that constantly seeks improved consumer functionality without compromising the all important aroma-preserving barrier. Brands want windows to showcase roasted beans while keeping them fresh, and something that preserves as well as vacuum packaging but is easy to open. Meanwhile, consumers are highly conscious of sustainability, particularly in the age of pods and capsules, meaning the first producer of a coffee pod that provides both an oxygen barrier and full compostability will find an eager market. Watch out for Packaging Europe's extended article on the subject, coming soon.


This week sees Packaging Europe scaling up the video reporting launched last year. Yesterday we shot films featuring subjects as diverse as DS Smith, Tonejet, WaveGrip and the startlingly ambitious flexibles converter Ispak, which is based in Turkey but whose sights stretch much further. Today our camera crew and journalists could be seen shooting at the stands of Silgan, Hitachi and Schneider Electric. We're very much looking forward to sharing these films - and excited about using a new medium to tell the stories that matter in the endlessly creative world of packaging technology.