The digital revolution gives consumers more choice at their fingertips than ever before, and this means that creating stand-out and retaining brand loyalty is a new ball game for brands.

Infigo Software and HP Indigo have long recognised the opportunity their collaboration can deliver to meet the needs of the dynamic digital consumer, and so they’re joining forces again at Labelexpo to showcase how they are enabling brands to engage their customers on an emotional level to drive loyalty.

Research suggests that packaging and labels have more influence on consumer buying decisions than TV ads, online reviews and peer recommendations (37% influenced by packaging versus 27% by TV ads. Source:, which highlights how packaging can be the most powerful marketing tool.  And where other brand communication channels can be easily replaced with digital media, labels and packaging are here to stay as they’re essential to communicate legal product information and to create stand out on the shelf. 

Infigo Software and HP Indigo have already delivered a number of show-stopping, live personalised packaging demonstrations at key events this year, most notably at Dscoop Phoenix and Interpack, where they showcased how they can deliver a new level of brand engagement. Labelexpo in Brussels on the 25-28th September gives another great opportunity to engage the decision makers in how to innovate their packaging and label businesses to future proof their operations. 

The live personalised label and flexo packaging demonstration on the HP stand will show how suppliers can gain competitive advantage with the right end-to-end digital print solution, enabling them to productise their offer and deliver outstanding branding opportunities for their clients.   

Infigo’s Catfish e-commerce platform provides the online portal and personalisation software to deliver engagement, a great user experience, and integrate with best in class hardware and software applications. Attendees will see how the powerful partnership between HP and Infigo delivers a slick, automated workflow and an engaging personalised product, on-demand. 

Managing Director, Douglas Gibson says, “We have been delighted with the response to our collaborations with HP so far this year. It’s exciting to be able to work with the best in their field, finding new and exciting ways to show what we can do together to revolutionise the packaging and label industries. In spite of the unprecedented success of personalised campaigns such as ‘Share a Coke’, many packaging and label suppliers have still not yet adopted a digital print solution that enables them to keep pace with the growing demand for short print runs, variable packaging solutions and on-demand personalised print. If businesses don’t act now, they will quickly be left behind.”

Gibson continues, “At events like Interpack this year - where our collaboration on the personalised packaging demo rocked the exhibition hall - we’ve heard much about the commoditisation of digital print solutions. To turn this tide, print and packaging suppliers are looking for opportunities to successfully differentiate their proposition. This is something we’re very passionate about delivering, and it is this that has driven our focus on developing value-added partnerships, integrations and product enhancements to enable our clients’ to differentiate and win more business. There is possibly no other industry where our solution is more impactful than the packaging and labelling industries, as the nature of the product means they will always be reliant on offering new and innovative print to create brand stand out for their clients.” 

The exciting collaboration will show more than just fast and efficient personalisation. Visitors to the HP stand will be inspired by how easily digital print enables them to enter new markets and create new revenue streams. They will also see Infigo’s enhanced 3D preview tool deliver a true-to-life visualisation of the end product, including finishing touches, such as foiling, embossing, spot UV and coating. This creates a great user experience that enables end-users to see the product at its best, which is vital for brands competing to create stand out.     

Gibson goes on to add, “Our collaboration with HP shows how, together, we’re blazing a trail in delivering complete brand engagement solutions and an outstanding user experience. We aim to deliver an inspirational demonstration that will seed ideas and show how we can deliver the tools that enable greater efficiency and speed to market for packaging and label businesses. We’re excited for the future in this rapidly evolving industry.”  

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