A world of new trends, perspectives, and opportunities awaits. Making its 2019 return, the FachPack trade show will extend across 12 exhibition halls to bring together around 45,000 visitors and more than 1,600 exhibitors specialising in all stages of the packaging process.

Greiner Packaging will also be in attendance, showcasing its wide range of products in Nuremberg, Germany, from September 24 to 26. This year’s clear focus will be on sustainable packaging solutions that can help in various ways to deliver a circular economy.

FachPack is regarded as Europe’s top trade show for packaging, processing, and technology. The event’s unique program will be staged over a three-day period, spanning packaging materials, packaging accessories, packaging machinery, labelling equipment, machinery and equipment for peripheral packaging processes, packaging printing and finishing, materials handling, packaging logistics, and services for the packaging industry. It is for these reasons that FachPack is the European packaging market’s confab of choice, drawing visitors from every industry that relies heavily on packaging.

Focus on the circular economy

As in previous years, Greiner Packaging will be making the most of its 2019 appearance to interact with existing and potential customers at FachPack. A clear focus of these discussions will be the subject of the circular economy – the need to keep plastic out of the natural environment and circulating in the economy for as long as possible. To achieve this goal, Greiner Packaging is pursuing various approaches. Design for Recycling products – packaging engineered from the outset for optimal recyclability – are one set of options that the plastics experts will be showcasing. In addition, they will be exhibiting food and nonfood solutions made of agro-based plastics and bioplastics as well as designs made of recycled materials, which may offer a genuine alternative to conventional packaging in the future.

Greiner Packaging will also be presenting an upgraded version of its K3Ò packaging, a cardboard-plastic combination that has already been a popular choice for some years and whose individual components are ideal for recycling. To make it even more straightforward for consumers to separate the cardboard and plastic, the zipper on the cardboard sleeve has been adjusted so that peeling off the sleeve is now an even more intuitive process. Digital watermarks can be added to the packaging too. Despite these markings being almost invisible, they can still be identified by cameras in waste sorting facilities, making them easier to recycle at the facilities themselves. Where requested by the customer, the cardboard sleeves on K3Ò packaging can be produced from grass paper as well. Greiner Packaging will also showcase best practice examples from this product area at FachPack.

Barrier technologies for less food waste

This year’s trade show appearance will also feature tried-and-tested barrier technologies at center stage. These solutions are increasingly in demand among customers, given the vital importance of combating food waste by ensuring that products enjoy longer shelf lives. In this respect, Greiner Packaging is considered a pioneer in the industry, with its inert barrier technology (IBT) and multibarrier technology (MBT) giving customers different options that allow food to be stored for longer – even without the use of preservatives.

Alternative cutlery solutions

Plastic cutlery often has a poor reputation, although the trend toward more and more prepackaged meals and convenience foods is driving a boom in its use. At FachPack, Greiner Packaging will be exhibiting cutlery solutions made of PS, PP, as well as partially bio-based and industrially degradable materials. Also on display will be a series of prototypes made of PET, cardboard, and wood that could effectively replace conventional solutions in the years to come. 

Cardboard-based packaging

Greiner Packaging will be joined at FachPack by joint venture partner Cardbox Packaging, which produces creative packaging solutions from cardboard. As a sustainable raw material, cardboard is the perfect addition to Greiner Packaging’s range – and visitors will be able to see the impressive solutions developed by the two companies for themselves at the trade fair.

Greiner Packaging will be in Hall 7, Booth 532 at FachPack.