GOEBEL IMS, a manufacturer of slitting and winding solutions, presents its broad portfolio of innovative machines for high-quality converting of film, paper and aluminum foil from March 12th to 14th, 2019 in hall A6, booth 344 at ICE Europe. 

Special films, such as battery separator films, condensator and optical films, constitute a seminal market to which GOEBEL IMS has been a supplier for many years with its extensive product range of customized machines. 

One of them is the XTRASLIT 2, offering outstanding efficiency and winding quality in the converting of films, papers and flexible packaging materials. Thanks to its modular machine concept and many individual technical features, the XTRASLIT 2 covers almost any customer requirement and can be configured as requested. Experts of GOEBEL IMS recently designed also a tailor-made center-driven slitter rewinder for particularly demanding banknote paper. For security reasons, silver stripes are incorporated into the paper during the production. These lead to uneven surfaces where they create higher pressure in the converting process of the original rolls. To ensure perfect pressure control, the XTRASLIT 2 was equipped with a rubber-coated contact roller that counterbalanced higher pressures for excellent finished roll quality. 

Another highlight presented at this year’s ICE Europe is GOEBEL IMS’  slitter rewinder for paper RAPID D1. It offers extraordinary flexibility, both with materials and slitting widths, highest productivity and availability as well as excellent slitting and roll quality – especially for narrow finished rolls. In its newest edition, the successful model is equipped with a contact roller on load cells and with a closed loop control. This guarantees a highly sensitive contact pressure control between contact roller and finished roll sets when converting delicate materials and thus superior quality of the finished rolls. 

Learn more about GOEBEL IMS slitting and winding machines and visit the company at booth 344 in hall A6 at ICE Europe 2019.